Julianne Fatula
Project Management Specialist
Covestro LLC
Baytown, TX

“My favorite aspect of manufacturing is the sense of accomplishment that my team feels when we complete a project or product. There is great pride in designing and creating a solution that didn't exist before and will now address the needs of our customers and the community.”

Julianne brings a maturity to the business that is rare for an engineer at her experience level, including the unique ability to visualize the big picture while connecting it with how individual tasks work together to form a project. After completing the two-year rotational engineering development program, she immediately took on a new role as a project manager for small and mid-sized capital projects supporting the Basic Chemicals business unit. Despite her short tenure, she demonstrated the skills needed to lead projects critical to the success of the organization. She is equally effective working with internal teams and with suppliers, always able to ask the right questions, listen to input, and synthesize to reach a common goal.
Julianne credits her dedication and perseverance to her grandmother, a woman who achieved success in a male-dominated area. Julianne readily takes on challenges, using grace and tact, and is able to influence others to unify toward a goal. She is equally comfortable leading her peers as she is presenting to senior management.
In her brief career, Julianne has had a tremendous impact as a mentor. She is genuinely committed to helping others grow and shares her time generously.  Her dedication to helping others goes beyond employees at the company. She also mentors with the “Girls in STEM” program at an area school district. She is seen as an exceptional role model and friend.
Julianne is also actively engaged in her community, with a special fondness for the Baytown Council for Diversity, who welcomed her so warmly when she moved here. Julianne also volunteers with local children to promote science education, and participates in a range of other charity efforts.

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