Lisa Faris
Production Superintendent BPA
Covestro LLC
Baytown, TX
“I'm passionate about the opportunities manufacturing provides individuals, families, and communities. Manufacturing jobs provide outstanding wages and diverse careers. Working in manufacturing provides individuals opportunities to see how things are made and from that develop important skills leading to high level competencies.”

Through her leadership, Lisa has made far-reaching contributions to the safe and reliable operations for multiple Covestro plants.  In her 29 years of progressively responsible experience she has applied her technical and interpersonal skills to a host of diverse experiences in project engineering, process control systems, process safety, and operations manufacturing.
Lisa is viewed as a leader in process safety globally. She lends her technical and systems expertise to ensure work is performed safely and efficiently, providing feedback on procedures, planned and unplanned work activities, and new projects. She challenges the status quo and collaborates to find solutions. 
Lisa demonstrated early in her career that she had the skills to build the trust and respect needed to be successful in this male-dominated workforce.  From the onset, she was able to inspire the team to accept new challenges and to be motivated and passionate about changes that were needed. Her collaborative approach to leadership has garnered her respect and generated business results.
Lisa recognizes the value of mentorship on personal level; her father was her mentor. Lisa has formally and informally mentored many young women pursuing engineering careers. She is often asked to provide coaching on interpersonal skills, suggest work/life balance strategies, give technical advice, and to provide a broader perspective.
She also shares her talents in the community as she works with high school girls to inspire and mentor them through their STEM curriculum. Lisa is guided by a life philosophy that society cannot afford to limit or “throw away” a single person, thus she finds it easy and rewarding to give a helping hand to young girls and women who are willing to dream big.

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