Eileen Eick
IT Project Manager
Vermeer Corporation
Pella, IA

"My passion for manufacturing started at home. My dad worked in manufacturing until his retirement. He was always so proud of his work and the tractors they built. I feel a similar pride when I implement solutions to improve processes or provide information to team members in my company.”

Eileen’s exceptional project management skills make her a highly sought after leader. Recently she served as the Project Manager for the highly successful implementation of Workday, a Human Capital Management application, across all of Vermeer's global entities. This was a multi-million dollar, multi-year project where the implementation directly touched every Vermeer team member from those on the factory floor to the Executive Leadership team. All elements of this complex program were delivered on time and within budget.

Eileen has broad experience working in both information technology and business, and is a resource for many. Her project management responsibilities present her with many opportunities to mentor both her IT and business team members. She is proactive in identifying areas of need, and quick to reach out to provide feedback so that the project stays on track and the team members accomplish project and personal goals.  Colleagues feel comfortable approaching Eileen and know that despite her high level of responsibility, she will always make time for one-on-one coaching and guidance. She has been known to continue supporting those who need it even after her formal involvement is complete.

Eileen is a true mentor, coach and leader both internally and outside the organization, where she has been involved in a wide range of efforts to benefit the community, including local civic and church groups. Whether she is working internally with co-workers or externally with organizations she supports, she is a valuable asset as a team member who is exceptional at helping others by not only offering her own talents, but by building others’ skills and confidence.

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