Linda Ehler
Chief Financial Officer
Hartwig Inc.
St. Louis, MO

"Continuing to grow this area of our economy to be a powerhouse in global manufacturing versus relying on the service sector will provide for our country’s financial future. We are bringing quality jobs back into this country, and the key now is equipping our young people in technical education.”

Linda has been a pivotal part of Hartwig, Inc.’s growth over the last 17 years. Over the years, she’s earned the respect of the entire team by first demonstrating her care and concern for the business and its people. Coupling her positive outlook with her technical skills, she is effective at engaging others to work with the same focus she does. Among her many responsibilities, she assists with the creation and implementation of strategic initiatives that drive performance toward the company mission, and support the company’s vision and values. 
Linda leads by example. Her greatest leadership quality is helping to guide a team to agree on a goal and propelling them to work toward it successfully. Linda has led Hartwig through multiple recessions, the changing of major product distribution lines, and has still found ways to triple the company’s growth in the last few years. She has helped transform the company from a small privately owned machine tool distributor to a United States leader in providing manufacturing equipment and expertise to manufacturers. 
Linda is an advocate for mentoring in and outside of work. She uses her visible role as the sole woman among a leadership team of men as a way to encourage other young women in the company to strive for more.
Linda also gives actively to her community, serving on a range of boards, volunteering at church, coaching local sports, and giving her time and money to charities.  She has set an example for her family and co-workers to follow with an understanding that by serving others selflessly, so you too are fulfilled. 

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