Lisa Dolan
Vice President of Supply Chain Strategy
Fremont, CA

“Manufacturing is one of the most rewarding professional fields. Every day is different, every day is interesting and I can honestly say NEVER boring. It is highly fulfilling knowing that I play an important role in my organizations ability to manufacture and deliver the worlds most recognized brands globally.”

Lisa began her career as a programmer writing COBOL and RPGII code. She parlayed those technical skills into an exceptional 20-plus year career designing and implementing end-to-end supply chain strategies, as well as playing a role on key project sales teams. Lisa relied on these technical skills, along with her relationship-building and communication skills to be an integral player on the team that secured Ford Motor Company, ALOM’s largest supply chain account. 
Lisa’s leadership skills have grown through the positions she’s held. An effective people and project manager from the relationship development stage through conceptualizing and strategizing and into final implementation, Lisa is uniquely valuable in all aspects of a project. She has demonstrated exceptional success, and has become the go-to resource for getting a project done well.
 Lisa has mentored and inspired many over the course of her career. Over the years she has worked closely with junior account managers to teach them more advanced account/project management skill sets including supply base negotiation, risk management strategies, and comparative pricing models.   The message she shares with students and professionals alike is, "Work hard and believe in yourself to accomplish great things."
Lisa is active in the supply chain professional community and the community at large. Professionally, she is active with the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals San Francisco Roundtable as a past President and now advisor to the board, among others. Her inspirational story of overcoming gender-based stereotypes of women in technology and manufacturing careers has benefited and inspired many women facing similar challenges.
In her local community Lisa has served for five years as a Girl Scout Troop Leader and as board member of the local schools parent clubs. She also is active with STEM efforts and participates at local girls events at the NASA AMES Research Center in Silicon Valley, encouraging middle school girls to engage in science as part of the Sally Ride Program.

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