Denise DeLaune
Responsible Care Director, Houston Operations EHS
The Dow Chemical Company
Midland, MI

"The innovative products produced in our industry have improved quality of life and economic prosperity of people across the world. My personal mission is to ensure we continuously improve the safety of our processes and make our industry the preferred place to work for the new generation.”

Throughout her 18 years at Dow, Denise has held positions of increasing leadership responsibility and has left a positive impact on every organization she has served. Denise exhibits dedication to sustainable and safe operations, as well as a personal commitment to ensure the well-being of every employee within her area of responsibility that makes her ideal in her newest role as Responsible Care Director.
Denise is a proven leader within Dow.  Early in her career, she demonstrated technical acumen delivering a new breakthrough in anti-fouling technology within the acrylic acids business that lead to improved plant reliability. She has also been awarded two Technology Center Awards within Dow, the highest technical achievement recognition given in Dow. 
Denise has established herself as a leader by proving to be driven, flexible, and adaptable during challenging times. Her management describes Denise as a “Servant Leader,” placing the needs of her team, her group, and her people above herself or her career. She is passionate about the work that she delivers. 
Mentoring and talent development are among Denise’s top priorities. She is an active leader in the Dow Women’s Innovation Network, an organization dedicated to helping women grow their skills for today and to prepare for tomorrow’s challenges. 
Denise is a servant leader in the community just as she is within Dow. Among other efforts, she is an active member of the National Society of Women Engineers. Denise is seen as an expert change leader who takes the skills she has learned on the job within Dow and shares them to benefit the local and professional community. 

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