Aundria Cohen
Communication and Curriculum Specialist 
Metal Essence and Machining Training Solutions
Longwood, FL

“Manufacturing provides so many opportunities, I never quite know what I’ll be working on. As a manufacturer I have to adapt to what needs to be done; whether I’m running machines or designing widgets. Manufacturing allows me to take raw material and make something from it. The possibilities are limitless….”

Aundria’s passion for manufacturing earned her an internship with Machining Training Solutions at the age of 15, and she continued her work there through college. Because of her excellent performance in her internship, Aundria has since transitioned into programing with Metal Essence and is the Communications and Curriculum Specialist for Machining Training Solutions. Machining Training Solutions is a training program designed to train and enhance the skills of current and new employees, as well as those with no knowledge of CNC programing.  Her dedication to the success of others has allowed Metal Essence and MTS to expand. 
Aundria leads by example with her confidence and pride. She owns her work, her ideas and her commitments, and is a role model for those around her. Her desire to continue learning, including participating in her programing internship, inspires her colleagues and coworkers, pushing all employees at the company to work harder and achieve more. 
She is committed to outreach and to fostering interest in STEM careers for young women everywhere. A sought-after speaker she recently was inducted into the Manufacturers Association of Florida’s Elite Women In Manufacturing. This group honors women across Florida who have made contributions and advances in the world of manufacturing and Aundria’s accomplishments as a young woman in a male-dominated field have made her stand out.
Aundria is active in the local community as well, including serving on the Relay for Life of Apopka Committee and volunteering more than 400 hours over the past three years with the local elementary and middle school, working one-on-one with students.

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