Jaclyn Clark
Manufacturing Engineer
AGCO Corporation
Jackson, MN
"Manufacturing allows a variety of creative people to come together and solve challenging problems. The hands on environment is dynamic and constantly changing to keep up with new technology and new demands. This career offers a wide variety of opportunities to enhance technical skills and personal growth.”

Jaclyn’s incredible rapport with the team, as well as her ability to execute, whether as a leader or team member, set her apart from the other interns and led to her garnering a position in the ACGO Development Program. In the short time she’s been with the program, Jaclyn has had a measurable impact, and she applies exceptional project management skills as she manages tight timelines, multiple stakeholders and large amounts of data.
She demonstrated her outstanding leadership talents as she took on one of her first assignments, implementing Total Preventative Maintenance in the company’s inline paint booth. Over a span of five days she rallied a team of eight – all her senior by many years - to a week of cleaning and setting up sustainable preventative maintenance plans and audits. The event was over-the-top successful, and the changes have been sustained for 18 months now.
Jaclyn is committed to continued personal growth.  She constantly works to broaden her skills and develop those around her through effective team management. By creating purpose, she fosters engagement and ultimately creates job satisfaction. She is an advocate for STEM education, hosting workshops for high school and college students to spark interest and excitement in those fields, and seeks mentorship and coaching from trusted leaders around her. She knows that networking and relationships are key to growth. 
Jaclyn’s contribution to community began before she started with AGCO, while she was in college. Today she brings a fresh perspective to the AGCO Global Women’s Network and adds value to the company’s relationships with academic institutions. 

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