Tiffany Chan
Head Mechanical Engineer
San Francisco, CA

“Manufacturing allows prototypes and concepts to become real life products for the world to enjoy. It is the culmination of the work of entire teams, from engineers and designers to suppliers and assemblers, coming together to create something that can change someone’s life.”

Tiffany came to Nomiku to help us develop the world's first WiFi-enabled sous vide cooking device. Through her committed efforts from initial design to sourcing to vendor communication to testing and refinement, Tiffany took this product from inception to market. She accomplished what often takes an entire team on her own, quickly and effectively, and without compromising quality.
Tiffany demonstrates leadership not only in her own mechanical engineering department, but as a core team member of the company in overall. She advocates for enhancing the corporate culture and is instrumental in defining the long-term goals of Nomiku. 
As the sole mechanical engineer for nearly a year, Tiffany stood her ground when standards of quality were not met, and did so with finesse and elegance. She has been effective in slowly growing her team by recruiting talent who are both an asset to the team technically and a great fit culturally, which is key in a small-company setting. She nurtures that talent to ensure both success for the organization and job satisfaction for the team member.
Tiffany embraces her role as a female engineer in a male-dominated field, working tirelessly and accomplishing exceptional results that position her as a role model for other women. Her technical skills and tenacity inspire, and have led to her feature in a host of publications and at events for successful women in business.  Her leadership and success in this challenging arena, and her willingness to share her experience, are helping to forge a path for others who follow.

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