Kenyana Ceasar
Senior Manufacturing Engineering Team Lead
Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Inc.
Jacksonville, FL

“My passion for manufacturing stems from being in the capacity to create strong relationships with internal and external customers. Daily challenges arise, which promotes critical thinking, problem solving, and coaching skills. The most rewarding aspect is operating in a team environment while encouraging and witnessing the career development of others.”

Kenyana brings her technical talents and experience from previous positions to provide leadership and management to one of the shifts of the continuous operations for the high tech automated production of contact lenses. Kenyana's hard work and sparkplug personality, including her persistence and tenacity to keep everyone involved have been integral in making the operation run effectively.
Kenyana is also the organizing force behind the Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Inc. Academy of Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering, a collaborative effort between J&J Vision Care, Duval County Public Schools  and Florida State College of Jacksonville.  From recruiting mentors at Johnson & Johnson to developing engaging extracurricular activities to ordering lunch for 50 kids and their teachers and counselors when they have a field trip to visit its production facility, Kenyana sees that things are seamless. She is a role model for other mentors, setting high expectations and garnering the support of all involved. She is an exceptional communicator and an effective liaison between students, colleagues, teachers, and administrators.
A local talent herself, Kenyana truly believes that building resources from within the community is the key to success. After attending college and graduate school, she came back to the community and has poured her passion into creating pathways for others to achieve success, participating in a host of outreach efforts that encourage civic improvements, better health and education. She is a vibrant role model for all she meets and especially for the youth in the community.

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