Jezabel Cardenas
Environmental Health and Safety Manager
Rockwell Automation
Milwaukee, WI

“Careers in manufacturing offer opportunities to gain broad skills and experiences that prepare you for a variety of exciting career paths. As manufacturing continues to evolve, the opportunities in the career are limitless. Being in contact with technology, connections and people's passion at the same time is an invaluable experience.”

Since joining the company in 2012, Jezabel systematically cultivated an Environment Health & Safety culture at both plants that promotes self-engagement based in safe behaviors at all levels of the organization.  She engages employees to imprint safety as a way of living and engrain a safety mindset.  Under her leadership the plants have earned a host of important certifications, as well as garnered the Prestigious Crystal Award for four years running.
Jezabel is committed to fostering the growth of her female colleagues and recently volunteered to lead the new Professional Women’s Council program in Monterrey to continue supporting other women in achieving their career goals.  Through education, networking, mentoring, and creating an inclusion model, Jezabel and the team hope to foster retention and promotion from within.  She is seen as both a resource and role model. She shares her talents for coaching and development with other facilities as well, helping peers at other facilities by sharing best practices from her plants.
Jezabel is also passionate about supporting the local community. Many of the events she participates in are environmentally-based, where she is able to parlay the skills she uses on the job to create activities for the community as a whole, including designing an earth day celebration, running a recycling campaign and securing tree donations. She is also a resource for students exploring career options, providing education and facilitating tours, in the hopes of educating and inspiring local talent.

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