Christen Campbell
PSM/RMP Compliance Specialist
BASF Corporation
Geismar, LA

“I love to learn, and I live for a good challenge. The manufacturing world allows me the freedom to develop and implement new solutions while learning something new every day. It's exciting to work with teams of individuals with diverse backgrounds and diverse skillsets while creating lasting impacts for our world.”

Christen Campbell has had a significant impact on the Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) capabilities of the BASF Geismar Site, as well as many other BASF sites in North America. She has helped multiple BASF facilities in reorganizing, documenting and establishing an effective, quality RMP Compliance Program for their sites. Christen is technically in the top tier of her field, and her ability to effectively lead and implement changes also places her as one of BASF's top talents.
She has the technical ability, communication skills, and leadership style to help people understand, implement, and maintain compliance. She is able to influence, articulate, debate, and set a vision to support the people in the production units in meeting regulatory requirements. Christen values the leadership experiences that she has had the opportunity to take on because they have helped in developing her character and her professionalism. She has established a working network in the EHS, operations, and engineering communities and established herself as a resource in BASF. 
Christen is an active mentor whose peers have recognized her ability to provide advice and ask open-ended questions. She has a calm and non-judgmental personality, is insightful, and has excellent communication skills. She is a recognized expert in the field of safety and environmental compliance, and shares both her technical and non-technical knowledge with those she mentors.
Christen began having a positive impact in her community while in college and her commitment to improving the community continues today. From leadership of the student body at Louisiana State University to chairing a local race a couple of years ago, Christen continues to demonstrate her passion for volunteering.  She is involved in local and global efforts to help others in need and is also an active leader in her church.

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