Erin Buchanan
Assistant General Manager
Toyota Motor Engineering and Manufacturing, NA
Erlanger, KY

“Manufacturing is about people, both as individuals and in teams, working to create finished products. My enjoyment comes from engaging the talent and passion of those I work with in pursuit of continuous improvement. Each day is unique, and I’m always excited for what challenge each new day brings.”

Erin Buchanan has pioneered the path for women in her manufacturing environment. She was the first female manufacturing manager and later the first female manufacturing executive at Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Canada, TMMC. 
Erin’s technical and management skills have been honed on several challenging projects, ranging from new car model launches to the decommissioning of assembly facilities. One of her most recent accomplishments was the conversion of the TMMC North Paint plant to a water-borne process.  Through careful planning and a high degree of personal ownership, Erin’s team completed the project ahead of schedule and without negative impact to any of the plant’s key performance indicators.
Erin’s ability to recognize and manage emotions has enabled her to succeed in a senior management role and build positive relationships with all of her co-workers. She is able to assess her group’s personalities and adapt strategies to fill the missing dynamics, and she is seen as both a role model and mentor.
She demonstrates a warm, caring, and open communication style that encourages participation and teamwork.  In addition to her exceptional interpersonal and communication skills, Erin is able to explain complicated technical concepts in a way that makes them easily understood.
Erin also acts as an executive sponsor of TMMC’s United Way campaign and plays an active role in local Habitat for Humanity projects.  She feels that her role of Leader of Diversity & Inclusion for TMMC ranges beyond the bounds of Toyota and into the local community.  She has participated in Waterloo Region’s “Inspiring Women” event, has been a guest speaker at The Society of Women Engineers forums and is currently co-chair of TMMC’s Women in Leadership Business Partnering Group. 

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