Danielle Berndt
Mechanical Engineer/Lead Reliability Engineer
Alcoa Inc.
Bettendorf, IA

“Manufacturing is a fast paced, constantly changing environment that presents a different challenge every day. As an engineer, I like solving the problems that come up and enjoy seeing my ideas come to life and have a positive impact.”

Danielle Berndt has already made significant contributions as a young leader on several projects that have resulted in improving quality and safety, and decreasing risks. In acknowledgment of her accomplishments, she was awarded an Alcoa Blue Chip Award, an internal recognition for outstanding performance.
Danielle is the co-chair of the New Professionals Network at Alcoa Davenport. The group works to increase retention of new employees by helping them assimilate into the culture and build a personal network of people they can turn to as mentors. As Networking Co-chair, Danielle has helped set up events for numerous summer intern groups at Davenport Works. Danielle says that as a former intern for Alcoa, she has quite literally been in their shoes, and she was inspired by the way her supervisor at the time made her feel welcome.
Danielle has participated in a host of Alcoa volunteer events, including speaking to young girls about engineering at a STEM zoo event; leading girls through building model airplanes for Introduce a Girl To Engineering night; working a collection bucket for a holiday hunger drive; distributing items at a food pantry; helping with construction of a mini golf hole for Alcoa’s contribution to a Big Brothers Big Sisters golf tournament; and at one point, collected donations for her group’s United Way Campaign. 
Danielle has also found a way to combine her love for running with giving back to her community. As a member of the Cornbelt Running Club Race Team, she finds opportunities to run races that support local charities, often working with her teammates to set up races that they are not running in. 

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