Chelsea Becker
Project Manager
Baldor, A Member of the ABB Group
Fort Smith, AR

“I love the constant challenges and opportunities manufacturing offers for problem solving, leadership, and personal growth. Leading projects enables me to engage high-performing, cross-functional teams, positively impacting both our business and customers. I also enjoy working with local students to create a positive perception of manufacturing as a career choice.”

Chelsea Becker is a Project Manager for Baldor as part of a newly formed Project Management team tasked with identifying, creating and leading projects essential to the company’s long-term strategy. In this new role, she will rely on her exceptional technical and leadership skills to plan and execute projects while simultaneously challenging and developing her team members.  
Chelsea’s work style is very open and transparent, and she has a proven record of doing what she says she’s going to do, working smartly, taking care of customers, being approachable, learning from constructive criticism, and treating people fairly. As a result, people enjoy working with Chelsea and like to have her on their teams.  She has a talent for bringing people together and moving them forward as a team.
Chelsea is an able and enthusiastic mentor.  Many of the younger engineers confide in Chelsea when they aren’t sure how to handle a situation or need advice.  Because she is approachable and has a wealth of experience, she is seen as a true resource. 
She is also a champion for community involvement, setting an example of how it can be done and encouraging others to participate. Chelsea is especially passionate about STEM-related education and has participated in many efforts including speaking at her high school and acting as a sponsor for the local University’s chapter of Society of Women Engineers. This year, in honor of National Manufacturing Day, Chelsea led a team of employees to plan, create and implement Manufacturing Day at Baldor for 30 participants from two local high schools.

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