Miranda Aarons
Line Design Manager
AGCO Corporation
Hesston, KS

“I live by the motto 'Work for a Cause, Not for Applause.' I can personally see where I can make a difference with the flow of material and thrive on trying to teach others to see. End goal is to keep people working and open the door for additional opportunities.”

Miranda Aarons uses an innovative approach to address very complex problems that has resulted in both improved cycle count results and decreased material costs. Through her leadership, her team continues to have a positive impact on daily business and drives important improvements to the manufacturing process. 
Miranda is very goal-orientated and process-driven, holding herself and her team to high standards that affect the bottom line.  She consistently demonstrates leadership and eagerly takes on new responsibilities.  She is an exceptional communicator, understanding others’ needs, listening to the team, considering all options, then leading with confidence. Miranda is also resourceful and has a positive attitude, using data rather than emotion to reach conclusions, which inspires trust in others and has a calming effect during stressful periods.
She values developing resources from within and has brought in team members with very little experience so that she could grow them within the organization.  Miranda readily shares her knowledge and experience as a mentor and has a unique talent for encouraging and motivating her team to take on new challenges.  She fosters an environment that allows for both personal growth for each member as well as the development of interpersonal and teamwork skills.
Miranda is also active in her community outside of AGCO.  Her consistent behind-the-scenes efforts are pervasive throughout local efforts, from area youth baseball teams to environmental initiatives.  She actively supports local veterans and service members, and she volunteers at area homeless shelters and other efforts that serve those in need. 

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