Marissa Wingate
Manufacturing Engineer Senior
Lockheed Martin

Denver, CO

“Preparing for and finishing a marathon has been my proudest achievement. Marathon running is a great metaphor for success in life. Just as one must do in life’s challenges, I needed to seek knowledge from others, learn from my mistakes, and dedicate myself relentlessly to realize my goal.”

Marissa recently received project leadership responsibility for one of the most complex experimental bodies the company has ever produced.  She applied her considerable leadership and organization skills to bring the build in on time and achieve success.  This included assuring everything from piece part procurements to final acceptance testing was accomplished.  She became immersed in new technical areas including bonding of heat shields, and complex assembly sequences.  Her ability to organize, her willingness to learn, adapt, and innovate yielded exceptional results, similar to those she had demonstrated on other projects.

Marissa credits her midwestern upbringing for instilling a core set of values and a work ethic that are exemplary.  She is a dedicated athlete, training to run marathons and participate in triathlons.  She is exceptional at setting goals, is motivated, and is willing to invest in many hours of hard work before receiving any kind of reward.   This dedication transfers readily to the professional setting and demonstrates  a capacity for work that is enviable.  

In addition to her efforts on the job and training for marathons, Marissa contributes to the community.  She has shared her talents and enthusiasm with the Humane Society and Habitat for Humanity.  

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