Jenny Wilcoski
Supply Chain Manager
Caterpillar Inc.

Peoria, IL

“My mother was a manager in a technical field in the 1960s and 70s, blazing the trail for generations of women to come. Her example, along with her constant affirmation of my talents, gave me confidence in myself and completely removed any question of ability based on gender."

Jenny has been instrumental in shaping the organization’s next generation of manufacturing facilities.  By applying virtual manufacturing tools, she was able to lead teams to improve both manufacturing planning processes and product design for manufacturability. With local success, her team was then able to translate this process to facilities around the world, ultimately not only saving millions of dollars, but significantly increasing engagement.

Parlaying the same skills she used in her exceptional academic career, including a degree in industrial engineering and an MBA, Jenny continued to demonstrate a commitment to excellence in all of her pursuits.  With her engineering education, business acumen and real world experience, Jenny was able to spot improvement opportunities in Caterpillar's manufacturing planning and convince others that a change was needed.  

Jenny’s exceptional talent for working with across organizational and cultural boundaries has enabled her success, and will contribute to future accomplishments.  She shares her passion and talent by serving as a mentor for other associates.  In 2010, she was selected among all Caterpillar women as one of seven to attend the Society of Women Engineers / Smith College “From Specialist to Strategist” conference, where she learned valuable lessons in effective leadership.   She has consistently put her leadership skills to use not only in her professional career but personal activities as well. 

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