Janice Wiegand
Mercury Manufacturing Company

Wyandotte, MI

“The privilege of leading a talented team through a successful transition from regional supplier of machined components to global trade partner supplying complex valves and small assemblies is a source of great satisfaction for me. The transition allowed our small business to prosper and preserved employment for our community.”

Janice is an industry pioneer who helped make quality systems, automation, and processing efficiencies standard not only for Mercury, but for the industry. As Lean Leader for Mercury, Jan has helped the company's employees meet the challenge of automation, new technologies, new processes, and new meaning in their jobs. Using quality to grow the business, and technology to improve the business processes, meant committing to employee training (and retraining) to keep those who add value at the leading edge of manufacturing skills and capability. Today, Mercury Manufacturing Company sells 95% of its production outside the home state of Michigan, having doubled sales while maintaining roughly the same employment levels.

Janice has been a stalwart in the company, always displaying confidence in others’ ability to grow, master new content, and meet new demands. Not only has she touched the lives of co-workers, but has been an exceptional, giving role model outside of work. Whether in her role as a daughter assisting aging parents; as a mother assuring that her daughters get the same opportunities for personal growth and accomplishment; or as a wife, who found her highest and best use at home helping her husband on his personal journey through the rigors of ALS, Jan has lived her life to teaching us that change is good, inevitable, and must be embraced.

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