Jane Wachutka
Division Vice President, Windchill Product Group

Needham, MA

“Through manufacturing, our dreams are realized. From concept to product to improving lives – manufacturing is at the core of human progress. I never cease to be amazed at how our manufacturing community collaborates to confront challenge while also fueling the fire of innovation through each member’s pursuit of excellence.”

Jane leads a worldwide software organization of over 1,000 engineers, computer scientists and product specialists. PTC’s Windchill and Service Information Platform are ranked number one in market share in their respective industries, and it is her team’s mission to deliver innovative products that offer the highest level of quality and a world-class user experience.  In her leadership role, she drives the collaborative efforts required to listen to the voice of the customer and then respond with software that helps those customers meet their most complex—and most important—business challenges.  

To help ensure that tomorrow’s engineers and scientists are prepared for technical leadership, Jane is a champion of STEM education and is active in the development of STEM outreach for students.  She has mentored and coached a FIRST Robotics team herself, and she encourages her team to volunteer in support of STEM as well.  Members of Jane’s organization participate in a variety of ways, from judging and mentoring FIRST Robotics and Real World Design Challenge teams, to hosting Formula SAE student programs at the Blaine office. 

Jane is also an active outdoors woman. She enjoys hiking and running in both her native Minnesota and her adopted Massachusetts.  In order to benefit others, she channeled this passion into founding the Chisago County Bike Trail Coalition, and won a grant from the Central Minnesota Initiative Fund to found the Chisago County Parks and Trails Foundation, which is still active. She is affectionately known by the other volunteers as the “mother of the Sunrise Prairie Trail.”

Within PTC and in her community, Jane is admired and respected for her accomplishments and acumen.  She is smart, direct, fair-minded, and empathetic—and has a great sense of humor.  Her vision of the role of manufacturing in human endeavor inspires her team, and her shoulder to the wheel is a constant reminder that each member is critical to crossing the finish line.

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