Patricia Vargas
Section Supervisor, Chemical Technology 
Baytown, TX

“The best advice I would give to someone considering a career in manufacturing is to get a good basic education, deliver on your commitments, be open to change and work smarter today than you did yesterday.”

Patty Vargas has had a long and varied career with ExxonMobil, spanning 35 years of progressively responsible roles. Today she offers exceptional leadership to a group of highly motivated engineers, specialists, and technicians who provide analytical, engineering, automation, design, and construction support for the ExxonMobil Chemical Technology organization. Specific team responsibilities include custom fabrication and construction, project management, work planning, and maintenance for high throughput testing units. Patty’s team has been instrumental in delivering several highly automated laboratory and analytical systems that support ongoing chemical research programs, as well as providing day-to-day support for the existing facilities. During her career she has been recognized with a range of awards, including the coveted Outstanding Patent Award in 2005.

One of Patty’s main goals in life is to help make the world a better place for future generations to enjoy by helping them to develop and use their talents to the fullest. Patty has worked toward this goal by actively participating in the lives of her three children and taking leadership roles in the activities they participated in.  She also immerses herself in community efforts, both tied to Exxon and independent from the company.  Through these efforts she’s shared her many talents and passions, and had the chance to learn valuable life skills about working with others to achieve common goals.

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