Carmelia Van Horn
Electronics Process Control Engineer
Ball Aerospace & Technologies

Boulder, CO

“I am passionate about having a new opportunity every week to energize my brain by applying skills I have honed or teaching someone a new skill or solving a complex problem. Manufacturing is so exhilarating to me because it’s in the physical realm where I can see and touch it!”

Carmelia is highly effective in her role largely due to her exceptional experimentation and validation skills.   Dennis Croghan, Carmelia’s manager at Ball said, “Carmelia brings rigor around process validation as a reviewer. As coach of a review team she makes sure things are done completely and thoroughly.”  She has been instrumental in establishing processes over the last several years that have allowed Ball to progress their manufacturing capabilities further and more quickly than anticipated.

In addition to her role as a process control engineer, Carmelia is an engineering ambassador for Ball Aerospace at college career fairs across the United States. She shares her passion for manufacturing, and specifically for the opportunities at Ball enthusiastically with students.   Carmelia notes that recruiting candidates from diverse backgrounds to Colorado isn’t an issue, but having them perceive the future role they may have manufacturing takes a little more explaining.   

As passionate as she is about working as an engineer, Carmelia enjoys helping people in another way:  as a personal trainer.  “Engineering is my first passion and health and fitness is my second,”  she states.  Carmelia is a certified personal trainer and has her own fitness business called Break the Habits/Burn the Fat.  She sees both careers as a way to improve both industry and community.

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