Amber Timblin
Aircraft Production Support
Insitu, Inc.

Bingen, MA

“I am passionate about manufacturing thanks to the company I currently work for. We create innovative products with cutting edge technology that helps save lives.”

Amber’s detail-oriented, methodical approach has led to repeated successes since she joined Insitu in 2009.  Her initial assignment, to document the processes needed to achieve compliance, required her to be systematic in her research and to communicate well across departments.  Amber has effectively established working relationships that allow her to be successful on a range of projects.  She has gained the trust and support of management to drive improvement to create, update, and improve processes needed as well as establish tools to support the organization’s business needs.  Amber has also been recognized for her team performance and knowledge of Insitu processes that contributed to improving the work environment and bottom line.

Amber credits her upbringing in a small town with instilling the importance of community, and of each person doing their part to help.  She enjoys participating in community efforts and continuously supports her local Big Brother Big Sister Program, American Red Cross, and American Cancer Associations, where she participates in events and helps drive fundraising.  She is a highly motivated, passionate and intelligent person who fosters quality, efficiency and excellence in everything she touches at work and in the community.

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