Sheila Tierney
Vice President, Global Procurement
Ingersoll Rand
Davidson, NC

“Manufacturing leadership roles have an opportunity to impact so many employees while creating clear measurable results.  It’s for those who aren’t afraid of hard work, thrive on problem solving, and enjoy people interaction. Gain as many unique and global experiences as possible and make both internal and external networking a priority.”

Sheila’s responsibilities include leading over $7 billion of purchases globally, developing a supplier development team to manage 7,000 direct material suppliers, and leading the global logistics and compliance execution team.   As part of the company’s growth plan, Sheila is focusing her management and strategic efforts on three key areas:  new product development, functional expertise, and  supplier innovation. Across all three the emphasis is promoting a diverse, inclusive culture that generates results in growth and operational excellence.

Sheila credits her Irish parents with instilling the quality of perserverence and by laying the groundwork that education is the key to success in America.  She worked her way through college at the University of Illinois, and as a result of her performance with Navistar, an early employer, her MBA at Northwestern University was sponsored.  She feels fortunate to have had good mentors and coaches throughout her manufacturing career who have demonstrated the positive impact a leader can have on employee morale and engagement, and, ultimately, on the bottom line. 

Sheila shares her leadership skills in the community for efforts close to her heart.  For the past 15 years, she has been a Team Leader for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation's Great Strides Walk, where she has helped raise over $120,000.  She is also a member of Be the Miracle, an organization of 100 women focused on improving the quality of life for families in Iredell County, her home community in North Carolina. 

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