Julie Thyne
Site Leader
The Dow Chemical Company

North Andover, MA

“Working in manufacturing allows me to use my technical and problem solving skills on a daily basis. Leading people, improving processes, creating safer work environments, and meeting customer needs provides both challenges and tremendous satisfaction.”

Julie credits her early family life, surrounded by her father – a scientist – and his colleagues, with encouraging her to pursue any career she wanted.  She has taken on additional responsibility with each role change at Dow, always bolstered by that foundational belief that she could tackle anything she wanted to.  Julie’s experiences have been diverse and integrated within all levels of the organization. With an exceptional ability to connect with people, she embraces the part of her role that calls for employee development, and enjoys guiding and mentoring the teams she selects.  She especially embraces growing the confidence of the young women that work at her site.  Julie realizes first-hand the challenges they face, and coaches them to build their skills, choose the right career, and network. She often helps these women to channel the strengths and talents that will set them apart to succeed.

Julie is also active outside of the work setting.  While working in Texas Operations for Dow, Julie was an active member of the Texas Operations Wildlife Support Team (TOWST). Julie volunteered countless hours with local wildlife rehabilitators, on beach clean-ups, and community education efforts. After relocating to Michigan Operations, Julie continued this passion by applying for her own wildlife rehabilitation license, caring for injured and orphaned wildlife, and fostering similar positive relationships within the community.

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