Rebecca Taylor
Senior Vice President
National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS)

Washington, DC

“Children believe they can build anything; they haven’t yet been taught to believe they can’t. Creating with Legos and clay is the foundation of manufacturing: belief in the power of making something, then doing it. Keeping manufacturing attractive to young people growing beyond Legos stirs my passion for it.”

A leader at the nation’s only cross-industry manufacturing technology consortium and a champion of American industry, Rebecca Taylor has a unique fluency in business, politics, and collaboration. Her matchless talent for finding common language among sometimes incompatible interests is vital for NCMS, a global pioneer in collaborative R&D. To her colleagues, she is an indispensable liaison and connection point between public and private interests, a bridge-builder and communicator who passionately supports the vision of NCMS: that a vibrant nation needs vibrant industry; that working together always works better; and that America’s future won’t be made, but manufactured. 

Rebecca doesn’t limit her leadership to the work environment.  She also uses her many talents and passion to support other professional women. In 2011, the International Women’s Forum inducted her into its ranks as a Fellow. The world’s leading executive development program for women, the Forum provides emerging leaders with training of exceptional quality, and access to resources that challenge assumptions and expand horizons, advancing leadership across careers, cultures and continents. Rebecca has taken the Women’s Forum Fellowship to heart, seeing it as both an honor and a responsibility. She enthusiastically mentors, advises, and supports other professional women, both at NCMS and outside the organization, in the manufacturing sector and across a vivid spectrum of other industries.

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