Traci Tapani
Wyoming Machine Inc.

Stacy, MN

“My greatest source of pride is staff development. For the past twenty years, I’m most proud of my ability to serve as a role model for women. I love showing women that they, too, can succeed in a male-dominated career. Watching employees and others accomplish this is exceptionally rewarding for me.”

Traci started her career as a banker specializing in international trade finance. In 1997, she and her sister took over the family business, Wyoming Machine, to become engaged with and support real people making real products. Traci applied the process management expertise she gained in the banking industry to transform the organization into a lean, thriving job shop that continues to grow a diverse customer base and deliver outstanding quality products. 

She is passionate about bringing attention to the serious skilled labor shortage in manufacturing and to proposing creative solutions. As part of that effort, she has been on the board of Nuts, Bolts & Thingamajigs, the Foundation of the Fabricators & Manufacturers Association, International. The summer manufacturing camp and scholarship programs of this charitable foundation focus on inspiring and providing training for the next generation of manufacturers. She has served as a mentor for camps held in her region. In addition, she has spoken at the local, state and national levels to bring attention to the manufacturing labor shortage and the need for better skills training opportunities.

She also participates in a host of other community and regional efforts and shares her talents and passion to share information about her industry and to encourage the development of a skilled workforce.

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