Shannon Sweatman
Director of Human Resources
Southern Manufacturing Technologies

Tampa, FL

“Besides the fact that manufacturing produces the products that are used to protect our troops and fend off the bad guys, it also creates wealth and a stable, growing economy. Manufacturing creates good, high paying jobs, and has a higher multiplier effect than any other industry.”

Shannon has been instrumental in improving HR overall, including training, procedures and employee satisfaction.   Her recruiting talents have benefitted the organization and she’s acquired grants that allow employees to enhance their skills.  Shannon grew up in a manufacturing environment, working for the organization part-time in high school and college, and as her career progressed she has taken on more and varied responsibilities, including the development and management of the computer network, cost of quality reporting, and participating as a member of the management and strategic planning teams.

Shannon is active with NTMA (National Tooling and Machining Association), and has held all of the of the chapter officer positions, including President. She has been on various teams with NTMA, was team leader for three years for the National Robotics League and currently is active on the Government Affairs Team. She has lobbied with Congressmen and Senators, and met with the Assistant Secretary of Labor regarding workforce development.

Shannon is passionate about skilled labor development in the Tampa Bay area. She works with HCC as they develop a manufacturing training program, and she serves as chairperson for the industry advisory group to Middleton High School’s STEM Magnet programs.  She is well-regarded by industry peers, NTMA members and educators. 

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