Pam Swanson
Airgas North Central

West Chicago, IL

“Manufacturing is critical to a strong economy. Manufacturing jobs offer opportunity for the skilled production worker, as well as for people in many other positions, including R&D, engineering, maintenance, transportation and accounting/administrative services. Supplying our own needs in the U.S. protects us from international disruptions and decreases our dependence on other countries.”

Pam is the second female president of an Airgas region and has responsibility for one of the company’s largest regions. She is assertive, and does what it takes to bring success to her company and employees, but at the same time she cares about the people who work with her.  Her instincts about people and passion for working with others were factors in her pursuing a career in human resources, and the same passion and instincts have made a very positive impact at Airgas.

Pam counts among her influences her parents and many other work associates, who taught her to be  curious, candid, accountable, and transparent. She is consistent, a sincere advocate for her team, and relates well to the customer. She came to her career in human resources after working as a high school teacher.  Learning quickly, she developed exceptional leadership skills that were tested in a range of setting and roles. She consistently showed growth in sales and profits.  In her current role, she has led Airgas North Central to be ranked in the top 1-3 in most performance metrics, such as safety and profitability. 

Pam leads with integrity and intelligence. She trusts her people, and pushes them to develop and grow in their careers. She is passionate, driven and professional, and makes a positive impact on Airgas and her team every day.

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