Veronica "Ronnie" Stumpf
Traffic Manager
LSI Industries

Cincinnati, OH

“I’m most proud of working full time and taking care of five children without losing the sense of family time and value. I progressed my career by obtaining positional opportunities that challenged me, becoming victorious within time constraints, producing rewarding positive feedback from all levels of manufacturing.”

Ronnie always considers the best interests of the company, not only with cost-savings initiatives, but with relationship building and by working as a team player.  Ronnie’s excellent interpersonal skills and professionalism were key to her success at LSI when she started as a buyer years ago.  She quickly became not only a technical expert, but an outstanding relationship-builder with our vendors and other partners.  Her responsibilities with LSI have grown consistently through her career, as she has actively sought new challenges that she embraced head-on.  Her enthusiasm, professionalism, and “can do” attitude have always been, and continue to be, integral to her success.  She is an effective role model and team player, and enjoys mentoring and coaching less experienced colleagues.

Part of Ronnie’s success may be a result of her competitive nature, which is most readily seen in the sports arena.  As someone who embraced all sports and all teams – whether male or female --  Ronnie found particular success on the softball field and golf course.  She craves knowledge and is eager to try new things, both of which have served her well over the years as she’s tackled new career areas.  In her professional and personal life, Ronnie shows dedication and pride – as an employee, wife, mother, and grandmother.  She doesn’t seek recognition, but values the importance of simply doing the best she can.

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