Yvonne Stimac
Metal Essence, Inc

Longwood, FL

“My passion for manufacturing comes from seeing the finished product and knowing that I had a major role in the outcome.”

Yvonne joined Metal Essence, Inc., a CNC machine shop in Longwood, FL  as a receptionist.  When she began her career there, the business was focused on commercial products. Over the years she was instrumental in helping grow the business and manufacturing facility by taking on additional responsibilities which include operating the fork lift, running machines and doing First Article Inspections. 

Ultimately, she was appointed Vice President.  The business and manufacturing facility has doubled in size under her guidance and determination.  

With the experience and knowledge gained at Metal Essence,  Yvonne recently helped the company develop a new sister business - Machining Solutions. This new venture is addressing the problems that all manufacturers face  today – developing a skilled workforce.  Using virtual training, CNC machinists can be trained to operate sophisticated CNC machines in Metal Essence or any machine shop in just weeks. This has led to enhanced relationships with customers as Metal Essence can address their special needs for metal parts, while Machining Solutions helps them train their own workforce for day to day high volume production. 

Not only has she excelled in the manufacturing sector, but she has been highly effective in breaking down  barriers for other  women in manufacturing. She is a staunch supporter of women in manufacturing, and relates to their challenges exceptionally well as a result of her many career experiences.  She is proud to say that her manufacturing plant is operated by women running CNC machines.

Yvonne shares her passion by giving back to the community at large, as well as the manufacturing industry.  For nearly twenty years, Yvonne spent time volunteering as a Guardian for the Seminole County Guardian ad Litem program, which recruits, trains, supports and supervises volunteers to advocate for the best interests of children who are alleged to be abused, neglected, or abandoned, and who are involved in court proceedings.  After her time as a Guardian, Yvonne became Vice Presindent of Seminole County Friends of Abused Children, Inc. which helps provide abused, neglected, and at risk children with clothing, shoes, luggage, tutoring, school supplies, summer camp, eyeglasses, in-depth counseling/therapy, holiday gifts as well as educational, medical and legal needs.  She is a champion for each cause she supports, and a role model for all.

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