Denise Stanislawczyk
Operations Manager, Measurement Products Business Unit
ABB Inc.

Warminster, PA

“Manufacturing has so many different facets; you need to be passionate to be successful. There is nothing more satisfying than walking through the shop and seeing quality products being produced by our greatest asset, our employees. We are always driving positive change to improve how we deliver to our customers.”

Denise has an exceptional approach to leadership, and a unique talent for building critical relationships that has helped turn-around the organization, both from a financial perspective, as well as by reputation.  She has built a strong partnership with all parties, especially the factory personnel, which has garnered success.  She offers a balanced approach to achieving the targets for manufacturing's customer-critical measures of on-time delivery, lead-time reductions and responsiveness, and the business-critical measures of efficiency, throughput-time, and overall productivity. 

Denise worked in multiple levels of the organization, and on both the supply and production sides, which led her to develop a win-win approach.  She has had an exceptionally positive impact on labor relations and what she has accomplished working with the UAW over the years has been transformative. The respect she earned from union leadership has resulted in a true spirit of cooperation.

Denise has also been very active in various ABB philanthropic activities that directly support local community food bank and charities. Her enthusiasm and passion for involvement have encouraged others to participate as well.  She is truly a collaborator and team builder.

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