Veronica Singh
Engineering Estimator and Purchasing Manager
Menges Roller Company

Wauconda, IL

“Growing up I never dreamed that manufacturing was in my future, and yet the essence of heavy industry of my home town must have leeched into my bones. Seeing the potential of manufacturing, its adaptability in times of change never ceases to amaze and inspire me.”

Veronica is an exceptionally detail-oriented resource with outstanding technical knowledge.  She excels in an engineering capacity, with an unparalleled track record, despite having no formal engineering education.  She’s applied her talents for quickly absorbing new information and applying that information to enhance systems and processes to become a formidable resource to the organization, benefiting both customers and colleagues.  According to Matt Menges, President of Menges Roller, “Veronica is truly unbelievable. She is rock solid, and it’s not very often that one sees a woman in machining, let alone manufacturing. You don’t question Veronica – there’s no need to – she has either researched the topic or experienced it. She will always make the correct decision.” 

She is respected by customers and co-workers alike for her technical knowledge, a knowledge she’s developed over years of hands-on work, reading, and asking questions, and has become an authority in her field.  Veronica was born in England and came to the United States in 1968 to work as an au pair. After marrying and starting a family, Veronica, in 1984, joined a machining company supplying rollers to printing press manufacturers.  After her husband passed at a young age, Veronica forged ahead, starting at the ground-level as a receptionist and becoming the exceptional resource she is today.  She is viewed as a role model and mentor for everyone in the organization, but especially women, whom she encourages by example.

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