Laurie Shakley
Plant Manager, Connecticut 
Click Bond, Inc.

Watertown, CT

“I am passionate about manufacturing because there is no 'normal' in manufacturing. Every day brings a new set of challenges to find solutions to. There is excitement in responding to the ever-changing priorities in order to satisfy our customers.”

Laurie has an exceptional record of improving efficiencies, reducing operating costs, and driving quality principles at Click Bond.  Over the span of an almost-thirty year career, beginning as a glass/process engineer and arriving where she is today, as Plant Manager, Laurie has not only applied her exceptional technical skills, but also honed leadership and interpersonal skills.  In each role, she led by example and fostered relationships critical to her success.  Charged with optimizing manufacturing efficiency, improving quality, and setting and accomplishing business objectives and organizational goals, Laurie exceeded expectations.  Some of her significant bottom-line contributions include improving operating variances by 101%, reducing plant overtime by 60%, reducing plant finished goods inventory by 40%, and achieving an on time delivery rate of 97%.  Today Laurie oversees the entire production operation and continues to strive for enhanced efficiency, cost reduction, and an exceptional working environment.

Laurie is committed to broadening her skill set and has taken courses on leadership development, financial and supply chain analysis, and manufacturing improvement methods (Kaizen, Lean Manufacturing, TPM) at the Manufacturing Management Institute at Cornell University’s Johnson Graduate School of Management.  She has always been focused on balancing family with work, and enjoys participating in community activities, including the local soccer clubs where she shares her leadership talents.

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