Judith Schwader
Manager, Engineering Process Improvement
Insitu, Inc.

Bingen, WA

“Manufacturing is about teaming, from beginning to end. In my previous career in academia, I had peers, but essentially worked alone. In manufacturing there is a need for collaboration throughout the product lifecycle and across multiple disciplines. It’s exciting to be part of a team progressing from concept to end-product.”

Judith has been the driving force behind several process improvement initiatives which matured the engineering organization from "garage to global" status.   Her sound judgment, careful planning, and strong leadership have resulted in documented processes where there were none, as well as the formation of an in-house process improvement team.  This team was so successful that the same model is being applied at an enterprise level.  Judith applies analysis, detail orientation, and excellent interpersonal skills to assess processes and procedures and enhance them.  She began her career as a teacher, and her strong people and classroom management skills have supported her well in her work at Insitu.  Her first role was as a technical writer, where she was quickly recognized for the quality of her work.  Her leadership and organizational ability  formed the basis of skills that led to her taking on the project of  obtaining CMMI compliance  for the software department, and next applying the process maturity model to  the engineering department overall.

Judith was recognized for her accomplishments with the Insitu Annual Leadership Award.  This award acknowledges Insitu’s finest, and commends their sustained, superior performance.  This same leadership quality led her to create a "Common Governance" management model across all Engineering Process and Tool improvement and related activities.  Under Judith’s charge, this group has focused on inclusion of all stakeholders, high leverage return on investments, and has delivered many significant capability and affordability improvements to Insitu processes and toolsets. 

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