Sandra Roque
Senior Director - Manufacturing Quality
Noven Pharmaceuticals

Miami, FL

“Manufacturing is critical to the U.S. It creates American jobs and its ramifications extend ultimately to the standard of living of millions of Americans. Manufacturing drives productivity, growth and investments – pillars to the U.S. economy. Like oxygen to our bodies, Manufacturing is vital for sustainability and economic security.” 

Sandra is responsible for the oversight of all quality related manufacturing activities, investigations, change management, documentation control, customer complaints, partner liaison, and quality technical services. As part of her responsibilities she is tasked with insuring that the manufacturing of all products meets the stringent requirements of national and international government agencies.  She was instrumental in addressing significant compliance issues and improving the quality of the systems and information shared with business partners to improve confidence levels which ultimately boosted business.

Sandra credits her dedication and work ethic to her humble upbringing.  She learned the skills of adaptability and tenacity, and realized the importance of giving her best effort in everything she tried.  Early career mentors taught her to consider the patients who would use her company’s products, and to view her job as part of a greater mission - that is to make products of the highest quality for patients in need, and to always think of the patients as her own family.  This has been her ongoing focus.

Sandra has won Noven’s prestigious Platinum Award for outstanding employee achievement on multipleoccasions. The Platinum Award recognizes colleagues for sustained extraordinary performance, the successful completion of key projects and exceptional improvements to Noven’s internal processes while demonstrating on a daily basis adherence to Noven’s Core Values.

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