Carol Rinder
VP Operations
Weatherchem/Mold Rite Plastic

Twinsburg, OH

“Manufacturing never stops invigorating one’s mind! Something that can start from a seed evolves into a full grown tree. Challenges or roadblocks that seem impossible to solve can bring a great feeling of internal fulfillment when solutions are achieved. It’s an ecosystem that blends people, machinery and the environment which lends its self to constant learning.”

Carol had to quickly accommodate an increase in demand that ended up in doubling  production. At the same time, she was leading the implementation of  a fully integrated ERP system. These contributions were critically important as her efforts provided  visibility to a “real time” environment in which the company is immediately aware of down-time, inventory levels, production efficiencies, and an “alerting” system where any variations in standards are immediately identified and users are alerted. OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) was  increased by 22% in the same time period. 

Carol believes in a “lifelong learning” philosophy for herself and those around her. She eagerly seeks new methods and fresh ideas, and she encourages her team to do the same. In leaner days when Weatherchem did not have the resources to provide training, or perks to employees, Carol reached within to mentor and coach those around her. In these past years, when resources have been more available, Carol always considers training and expanded knowledge first, championing programs that benefit the employees, and ultimately the company at large.

She is a pioneer in manufacturing and her passion is the operations floor. While she is the strategist, planner and visionary, she is also the leader who relates first-hand to all employees from Machine Operator to Manufacturing Engineer. Carol’s exemplary work ethic is contagious and admired. She places an extremely high value on employees and prefers to exhibit that value through programs, awards and recognition.

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