Christa Reed
Director of Engineering
Babcock and Wilcox

Charlotte, NC

“I am most proud of being part of a team that turned around a facility that had been shut down due to safety issues. Within three years, we restarted, restored full operation, and went on to achieve the safest, best-performing year – both production-wise and financially – in the plant’s 50-year history." 

Christa has applied her technical skills and management talents to achieve many successes over her 23 years of manufacturing experience in a range of settings and functions.  She progressed steadily through roles with increasing responsibility, consistently demonstrating the ability and commitment to strategically promote improvement, using teamwork and common goals to accomplish difficult tasks.

Prior to her role as Director of Engineering, Christa had the daunting position of Director of Operations at the Nuclear Fuel Services (NFS) facility in Erwin, TN, a plant that was shut down due to safety reasons.  She was instrumental in implementing strategies to turn the plant around. The facility went from being on the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s (NRC) “watch list” to receiving a good performance rating from the NRC during her tenure, eventually completing its safest, best production year, and best financial year in the plant’s history. She was able to lead the cultural shift by gaining the trust and respect of the work force, improving safety, accountability, and an increased priority on production. 

Christa has been a role model, coach, and mentor for other women at B&W, especially the B&W facilities that support the Navy.  Christa also served on the Sweet Briar College Advisory Engineering Board and contributed to the establishment of an Engineering degree at Sweet Briar. 

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