Denise Quinn 
Vice President and Brewery Manager

Trenton, OH

“To me, manufacturing encompasses this extraordinarily broad spectrum of interests and experiences. There’s the science, technology and engineering components but there’s also this incredible people side of collaborating, leading, managing, succeeding with others. It’s the opportunity to grow and develop as individuals and share the experience with others of achieving extraordinary results.”

Denise was instrumental in developing the employee team-based brewery with engaged union UAW employees owning the business and developing the model for an empowerment culture. The efforts at the Trenton brewery were so successful that brewers have come from around the world to study the model and take it back to build on it in their own breweries. This model has now become the primary model in the world at large for breweries to build the right processes for world class operations and to deliver continuous improvement with highly engaged employees. Denise continues to champion employee development so that everyone is invested in business outcomes.  Under her leadership, the plant is the most successful of all MillerCoors when measured against standard key performance indicators in the brewing industry. 

Denise is very active in the local community, serving as Board President for the Boys and Girls Club in Hamilton, as President for the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce, and on Butler County Port Authority Board of Directors. She also volunteers at the local high school as a coach and judge for the high school Speech and Debate team.  Denise sees her volunteerism as a way to role model for young women what success looks like.  She is a gifted leader who always inspires, coaches, and mentors other to be their best.

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