Darci Powers
Director Supply Chain
Batesville Casket Company, Inc.

Batesville, IN

“Manufacturing is the ‘heartbeat’ of a company, where value-added work occurs through the synchronization of the entire organization. Each manufacturing role plays a vital part in delivering a quality unit to the customer – on time and at the lowest possible cost. The team building and constant problem solving are what makes manufacturing so intriguing.”

Darci has maintained a 99%+ product fill rate while balancing the company’s investment in both inventory and distribution costs. “Darci joined our organization a few years ago. She has an outstanding background in Lean that she readily shares with others. She is adept at analyzing complicated situations and developing solutions in a collaborative manner. She leads by example and is a highly valued member of our team,” states Jan Santerre, Senior VP, Lean Business at Hillenbrand and 2013 STEP Award recipient.

Darci brings to Batesville skills she learned in school and over ten years of outside work experience. Her extensive experience in supply chain management and the measurable results she has achieved throughout her career, in various segments of organizations, including Operations, Engineering, Material Management, and Production Scheduling, make her an exceptional fit for her current position.

She is a proven team player, easily adaptable, well organized, and self-motivated. Darci not only shares her technical, management and interpersonal skills, but works to develop top talent to benefit the organization.

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