Monique Picou 
Product Supply Go to Market Director
Procter & Gamble

Geneva, Switzerland

“Women in Manufacturing seems like an odd entity as we do not say ‘men in manufacturing’.  The reality is that women are in everything, whether on the front lines or behind the scenes… I enjoy my job and Manufacturing just happens to be a part of it.  I encourage all women to help shape the future of Manufacturing by creating new experiences and road maps for others to follow.”

Monique supervises 11 production sites (more than 5000 men and women) and supports more than 4 billion sales across more than 10 different countries.  In addition, she is functionally responsible for two global customers with headquarters in Asia and the UK.  Monique’s list of projects and contributions is long and diverse, and in each instance she is effective in managing people and processes to ultimately result in greater profits for the organization.

Monique attributes her growth in part to the experiences she’s had working across two continents, traveling, and performing a different function each time. She also credits her upbringing with developing her resourcefulness and willingness to work hard, and nurturing her strong faith.

Monique sat on the Board of Directors for United Way and the US Chamber of Commerce.  She was a state appointed Board Director for Workforce Development and for Families with Dependence as well as a member of the State Economic Development Board.  Monique has also taught Economics & Math at the University of Phoenix.  She is a member of the GS1 UK Supervisory Board as well as the Cranfield University SC Advisory Board.  She is also an enthusiastic and proactive proponent of diversity throughout P&G.

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