Monica Pfarr
Corporate Director, Workforce Development
American Welding Society

Miami, FL

“Manufacturing is an exciting career field for anyone with a passion for making things better, faster, cheaper, or safer. Every day presents new challenges and the opportunity to make a difference. Be open to new ideas and listen to the input of others. Be a team player and never stop learning.”

Monica brings talent, education, and expertise to the American Welding Society that she honed over many years in a wide range of roles.  Her diversity of work experience including multiple positions with GM from floor production to supervision of over 160 employees to developing training modules; Sinclair Community College responsibilities as Director, National Center for Manufacturing Education, Project Lead the Way Ohio and Director, Workforce Development; and her current position as Corporate Director, Workforce Development, have established her as an exceptional resource in the manufacturing industry.

Monica has become a champion for women in manufacturing and organizes efforts to mentor, train and promote women at all levels of the workforce.  She was instrumental in organizing the “Women in Welding” group at the American Welding Society and the “Women of Gases and Welding” group at the Gases and Welding Distributors Association (GAWDA).  Monica worked with the Society of Manufacturing Engineers to organize a successful “Women in Manufacturing Day” program at the 2013 FABTECH show.  In her role as Principal Investigator of the NSF funded Weld-Ed Center, she has made recruiting women into Associate Degree programs in Welding Technology a priority.   She recently completed a co-branded “Women in Welding” DVD by AWS and Weld-Ed that focuses on women in all levels of responsibility in welding and manufacturing.  Her breadth and depth of knowledge makes her an exceptional asset, and she’s passionate about sharing her skills and experiences with others.

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