Diana Perreiah
Alcoa Building & Construction Systems (BCS) North America

New York, NY

“The manufacturing world is changing and needs women in its ranks now more than ever.  While many still think of manufacturing jobs as dirty and requiring low skilled labor, in fact many of these are high-tech jobs, driven by innovation.  With more than 600,000 manufacturing jobs currently unfilled, women are critical to closing this gap.”

Diana joined Alcoa immediately after graduation in 1986 and has enjoyed a highly succesful,varied career.  She recently led the business through the most significant downturn in the commercial construction industry since the Great Depression.  Under her direction, it did not just survive, it thrived.  In a challenging market, she and her entire team achieved positive operational results, while also achieving record employee safety and engagement levels. Today the BCS North America team continues to generate year-over-year improvements.  While these business results are remarkable, the way Diana delivers these results is key to understanding her impact.  

Diana’s actions demonstrate her deep commitment to Alcoa’s values of innovation, excellence, environmental health and safety, integrity and respect. She is also passionate about ensuring that the company offers a diverse, inclusive work environment based on respect, where all employees are treated with dignity.  Diana has helped build one of the most diverse leadership teams in Alcoa, which is driving growth of a strong, diverse talent pipeline throughout the organization, a pipeline that ensures Alcoa can generate the innovative ideas necessary to ensure future growth and success.

In January, Alcoa’s efforts were recognized by the 2013 Catalyst Award, which honors innovative organizational approaches that address the recruitment, development, and advancement of women in the workplace.  Alcoa’s initiative “Building Opportunities for Women in a ’Hard Hat‘ Company,” showcased how Alcoa broke down barriers in a male-dominated industry and achieved greater gender representation through an aggressive diversity agenda.  Diana and the global BCS team were instrumental in helping Alcoa secure this prestigious recognition.

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