Jackie Peer
Director, SEL University
Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.

Pullman, WA

“There are endless opportunities for careers in manufacturing.  When considering a career, know your strengths and interests, explore your options, and choose a career where you’ll be challenged and satisfied.” 

From the time she was one of a mere few women in her college engineering classes to today as the Director of SELU, Jackie Peer has been committed to helping people achieve meaningful careers in engineering and manufacturing. Jackie has always felt that SEL’s nine core values align closely with her personal values and has always appreciated SEL’s commitment to providing careers, not just jobs.

She has been working in various positions throughout the company to help make electric power safer, more reliable and more economical. From her initial role as application engineer to her current position, she has led initiatives resulting in improvements in the reliability of the electric power grid and driving the growth of SEL’s US-based manufactuing.

Jackie is passionate about developing the next generation of workers for the electric power industry.   She is responsible for training electrical engineers to meet the technical challenges of integrating digitally based technologies into the power system infrastructure through measurable, focused training.  She recently started a group called Women in Engineering (WiE) to help women at SEL foster collaboration, create dialogue around everyday topics and challenges and to provide mentorship and support.    

Jackie is a senior member of the Society of Women Engineers, is a member of IEEE and IEEE Women in Engineering (WiE), IEEE Women in Power (WiP), American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE) and the American Marketing Association.    Her passion for the workforce pipeline and development of the workforce is revealed by a long list of involvement and sponsorship, including local, state, and national contributions.

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