Janae Owens
EHS Manager
General Electric

Minneapolis, MN

“Manufacturing is important to our nation in order to increase employment opportunities, pride, moral and ultimately stimulating the economy to put the US in a better place. With manufacturing jobs in America, we can build quality products without having to increase the costs based on increased transportation costs and the proximity of the customer all while increasing knowledge and power within and keeping it local. The American spirit will improve with pride and ownership in our local products. “

Janae has become the go-to EHS Specialist with GE On-site Machining and Repairs.  She maintains a high level of support, juggling requests between technicians and managers.  She is an exceptional team player and role model for others in the GE family.  Safety, environmental health, and documentation are three primary areas of responsibility for Janae, and she is passionate about all of them.  No matter whether at her home base or doing a site visit, Janae is willing to go above and beyond and to look into personal safety concerns as well as more broad general company safety concerns.   She considers it critical to be as well informed as she can be so that she can continue to strive to make the assignments safer and create a more productive environment to work in.

Janae has a drive and motivation that are infectious to the workgroup; her hands-on-approach and overall involvement is admirable for any industry.  Her positive attitude and excellent skills are pervasive in all she does.

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