Caitlin Oswald
Integrated Product Team Lead
Pratt & Whitney

East Hartford, CT

“When peers outside of P&W discover I’m working in additive manufacturing, their reaction has a spark of excitement! I work as an engineer on the leading edge of technology, and receive encouragement not only inside my company, but externally too. I love that large companies and hobby 3Ders can stand together.“ 

Caitlin is on the leading edge of innovation at Pratt & Whitney as she directs a team of design, manufacturing, and materials engineers that is advancing the technology progression of Electron Beam Melting (EBM), a metal powder bed additive manufacturing technique. She is responsible for integrating projects, from material characterization to process capability to new design and performance innovations. Collaborating across the company, Caitlin is a key member in executing the technology development activities.

Caitlin demonstrated the capability to lead a technical team early in her career as part of Pratt & Whitney’s component test lab.  She showed an aptitude for creating hands on solutions, and became an excellent fit for her new role.  In addition to taking on new responsibilities at work, Caitlin is also furthering her education, working toward Masters of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering. Benefiting from P&W’s and UConn’s collaboration, she is able to focus her independent studies on the technical advancement of the Electron Beam Melting technology at UConn’s Additive Manufacturing Innovation Center, to maintain a strong technical background to complement her team lead position.

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