Johanna Nina
Business Unit Manager
Codman Neuro (a Johnson and Johnson Company)

Miramar, FL

“One of my passions is coaching interns/co-ops…for this generation a sense of engagement is very important in selecting a career path... In manufacturing, one can always feel the end product of their work and the imprint they have on it… and that defines engagement!”

Johanna is the plant manager for Codman Neuro in Raynham, MA and Miramar, FL and also  oversees the Codman Franchise at its Juarez, MX plant (which she helped establish). Johanna’s leadership experience and product/process excellence knowledge has created synergies and opportunities for Codman Neuro.

Johanna is passionately committed to a customer oriented philosophy.  In her unique position overseeing three sites, she is able to influence the End to End Codman business and generate a large positive impact.  As a result,  in the past few years, Johanna led the post-acquisition integration of the Miramar site, formerly Micrus Endovascular, into J&J.  All targets for the Codman sites were exceeded, as several improvement projects she implemented drove significant cost reduction, and increased quality levels and customer satisfaction.

Johanna is passionate about the Internship Program at J&J, she has mentored 15 undergraduates in Engineering and Scientific fields.  Four of them were accepted to the very competitive J&J GOLD program and eight others have gone on to different companies within J&J. 
Johanna continues to improve her knowledge and skills;  she is currently pursuing her Master Black Belt. She has been recognized internally and throughout the industry for her leadership and change management talents.

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