Wanti Muchtar
Senior Metallurgical Engineer
Vermeer Corporation

Pella, IA

“Growing your career in manufacturing is a great way to use and contribute your knowledge toward creating value added product that drives the economic growth in your country. Remembering that manufacturing industry gives greatest impact of all fields in building your country.”

Wanti immediately provided outstanding technical expertise from her background as a Ph. D. in metallurgy.  Wanti’s thorough analyses have resulted in large cost-savings, and in the improvement of machines for better performance and ultimately enhanced customer satisfaction.  She is considered a driving force behind the company’s brand promise of being “Equipped to do More,” with her efforts on new, patentable processes that will save money and offer a competitive advantage.

Wanti received her undergraduate degree in Metallurgical Engineering from University of Indonesia, and her Master’s degree in Metallurgy and Material Science Engineering, being a recipient of Monbusho Scholarship Award from the Ministry of Science, Education, and Culture of Japan from Tokyo Institute of Technology.   She was one of three outstanding researchers who were selected to continue research with financial support from Japanese Ministry of Science, through the Monbukagakusho Scholarship. And earn a Doctor of Engineering degree from Tokyo Institute of Technology.

Wanti is involved in the American Welding Society and ASM International. She loves to show off her lab, frequently hosting tours for local high schools and college students. Wanti also has mentored three undergraduate engineering students who have worked as interns and coop students at Vermeer in the metallurgy lab in performing failure analysis, various metallographic techniques, heat treatment projects, etc.

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