Rachel Monfils
Product Support Engineer Senior
Lockheed Martin

Denver, CO

“My passion is continuous improvement. I enjoy observing processes and looking for best practices and synergies throughout the entire product lifecycle. Implementing standard practices allows for shorter cycle time and drives down cost. Being able to achieve this, along with 100% operational excellence, can achieve necessary competitive advantage.”

Rachel has had an immediate impact in her career at Lockheed Martin.  She has taken on additional challenges with each new role, and has continued to excel.  Rachel has an outstanding technical base; she understands production flow and removes inefficiencies using tools and methods that result in greatly improved cycle times.  She has excellent communication and natural leadership skills that provide insight, direction and motivation to teams that help define and develop improvement initiatives.

Rachel also has a knack for international business, which she attributes to her participation in the Berlin School of Economics Study Abroad Program where she attended classes conducted in both German and English. She is proficient in the German language and will be able to use what she learned in pursuit of new business. While still in college, she was an intern at Alliant Techsystems where she learned the fundamentals of supply chain and the software management systems utilized for sourcing and procurement. This, coupled with a BSB in Supply Chain Management, triggered her interest in supply chain operations and manufacturing. 

As a graduate of the Lockheed Martin Operations Leadership Development program, Rachel is paving the way for future women in the manufacturing industry. She continuously strives for leadership opportunities and continues to achieve results at Lockheed Martin. Her work ethic, industry knowledge, and interest in continuing her education coupled with a strong desire to solve problems and improve process sets the example for other early career females in the industry.

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