Kristine Mirabella
Manufacturing Manager
Bausch + Lomb

Clearwater, FL

“Working in a manufacturing environment is rewarding in so many ways. I enjoy the challenges and identifying and driving opportunities. Motivating employees and helping them to develop through teaching and coaching. Working in a medical device industry that produces products that impact the end customer’s life is extremely gratifying.”

In 1979, when she was just 18 years old and a new high school graduate, Kris started her journey with Bausch + Lomb. She has been with the company ever since. In her 34-year career, she has held a range of roles, starting as a Manufacturing Associate and working her way  up to her management position today. Kris is responsible for 256 manufacturing employees and manages the team with her exceptional staff of Front Line Supervisors.  Her efforts over the years have garnered many successes and awards for quality, excellence, and leadership.

Over the years, Kris has gained technical and management experience and demonstrated ongoing leadership in a variety of areas that have contributed to her success as a Manufacturing Manager. Her exceptional leadership skills have provided her the opportunity to take on additional responsibilities as the interim site leader. Earlier in her career Kris spent time in the Quality function as a Quality Supervisor and then action Quality Manager.

Kris is passionate about continuing education and has helped to facilitate several educational endeavors to improve the knowledge base of customers and build important relationships. From hands-on training sessions to presentations to manufacturing tours and collaborations, Kris believes in showcasing the work of the company and growing resources.

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